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St Moses the Black
St Moses the Black
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We want to extend our thanks to all those who have found us on their spiritual journey and welcome you. The purpose of this site is to provide information about our brotherhood and also to provide information about ancient Christianity and its deep roots in Africa.

Over two thousand years ago, a young Virgin and her Child found refuge in Africa from threatening forces. Since that time, Christianity has developed extensive roots in Africa. St. Anthony and the Desert Fathers kept the Church from worldliness and preserved the mystical gifts. St. Athanasius helped write the Creed. St. Cyril kept the Church from dishonoring Christ and His Mother. The African Martyrs gave the Church courage. The African Mothers gave the Church philosophers like St. Katherine. The hermitesses like St. Mary of Egypt and St. Sarah of the Nile showed the path of contrition, redemptive suffering and repentance.

In modern times, there is a renewed fountain of ancient Orthodox Christianity. It is flowing throughout the entire world. This flow of spiritual life does not negate the rich tradition already developed in the crucible of suffering and the triumphs of character in America. Rather, it beckons all Americans to row into deeper waters – the waters of the ancient Christian movement. This has been kept alive in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

21st Ancient Christianity & Afro-American Conference Lima, OH 10/3-5, 2014

Theme: Feed My Sheep

When: 10/3/  -  10/5 , 2014  Conference begins on Friday at Noon and ends on Sunday at Noon


  • Fr Moses Berry
  • Fr Jerome Sanderson
  • Fr Dn Nathaniel Johnson
  • M Katherine Weston
  • Rodney Knott
  • Paul Abernathy
  • Photios Meirthew
  • Turbo Qualls
  • and others

What: Brotherhood of St Moses the Black, Ancient Christianity Conference

Where: St Stephen the Protomartyr Orthodox Church, 3560 Shawnee Road, Lima, OH 45806

How: $100 for conference. Scholarships available. Send payment to: BSMB, PO Box 1887, Anniston, AL 36202-1887

Schedule: Click here to view schedule


Sponsor: Christ the Savior Brotherhood and others



Nearby Hotels: (all prices are approximate)

∗  Marriott Courtyard  [Courtyard Lima]

     936 Greely Chapel Road

     Lima, OH 45804

     (419) 222-9000


     Holiday Inn

     803 S Leonard Avenue

     Lima, OH 45804

     (419) 879-400 0


     Motel 6

     1800 Harding Highway

     Lima, OH 45804

     (419) 228-0456


     Howard Johnson's

     1920 Roschman Avenue

     Lima, OH 45804

     (419) 222-0004



     805 S Leonalrd Avenue

     Lima, OH 45804

     (419) 227-2221


     Country Inn & Suites

     804 S Leonard Avenue

     Lima, OH 45804

     (419) 999-9992


     Wingate Inn     {a hotel in downtown Lima}

     175 W Market Street

     Lima, OH 45801

     (419) 228-7000



     *Further up I-75 are: Comfort Inn, Red Carpet Inn & Suites, and Econo Lodge.


20th Annual Ancient Christianity & Afro-American Conference-Kansas City, MO

God has granted us great favor as we're GOING HOME in 2013!

Theme: It Takes a Village: Bridging Culture and the Orthodox Faith

When: 10/11- 10/13, 2013.  Conference begins on Friday at Noon and ends on Sunday at Noon

  • Fr. Moses Berry
  • Fr. Paisius Altschul
  • Fr. Jerome Sanderson
  • Nun Katherine Weston
  • Dr. Carla Thomas
  • Fr. Deacon Nathaniel
  • Subdeacon Paul Abernathy
  • Turbo Qualls
  • Fr. Maximus Cabey
  • and others

What: Brotherhood of St Moses the Black, Afro-American Conference

Where: St Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church, 3101 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO,64109

How: $100 for conference.  Scholarships available. Send payment to:
BSMB, PO Box 1887, Anniston AL 36202-1887.
Schedule: Click here to view the schedule.
Questions: stmosesbrotherhood@gmail; Telephone: (816) 931-4751, Select Ext. 2 to leave a message.

Sponsor: Christ the Saviour Brotherhood and others.

Get the Registration Form here.




Nearby Hotels: (all prices are approximate)



3001 Main Street 

Kansas City, Missouri 64108 

(816) 931-5700


AMERICAN INNS AND SUITES: From $65 per night 

3240 Broadway Street 

Kansas City, MO 64111 

(816) 531-9250 



5100 E Linwood Blvd 

Kansas City, MO 64128 

(816) 216-1622


BEST WESTERN: From $89 per night 

501 Southwest Boulevard 

Kansas City, Kansas 66103 

(913) 677-3060



*There are also a number of hotels throughout the Metro area including the airport.

  If you are driving to the conference, please feel free to look around.   

*Transportation can only be provided to and from the hotels and homes listed above.

Memory Eternal - Michaila Thelma Altschul 7/13/40 - 3/13/12

19th Annual Ancient Christianity and Afro-American Conference, Ligonier, PA

Thank you for supporting our 2012 Annual Conference in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at Antiochian Village!

Antiochian Village

A letter from our Vice President:

Greetings in Christ,

Dear Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah and Grace Bishop Thomas,

How refreshing it is to have the Lord's shepards to be so supportive of the Brotherhood of St Moses the Black.
The 2012 BSMB Annual Ancient Christianity Conference was held at the Antiochian Village 5/25-5/27.  The conference is supported by a grant from Christ the Saviour Brotherhood. 75 men, women and children attended the conference.  The lectures are available on Ancient Faith Radio. The Friday night session panel was composed of Fr Maximos Cabey, Subdeacon Paul Abernathy, Turbo Qualls, Carla Thomas and John Norman.  They entertained questions from the group about Orthodoxy.  The questions ranged from why a black cassock is worn, to how can one love Jesus Christ and love your enemy, to how one can enter Orthodoxy.  The panelists shared their journeys to Orthodoxy.  They talked about how to acquire the Holy Spirit.
The Saturday sessions were composed of a series of lectures by Abbot Gerasim Eliel, Fr Jerome Sanderson, Fr Moses Berry, Subdeacon Paul Abernathy, His Grace Bishop Thomas, Fr Paisius Altschul and Mother Katherine Weston. We mourned and celebrated the life of Matushka Michaila Altschul, who recently died.  We recited stories and sayings by Abba Moses.
On Sunday, we celebrated hierarchical Divine Liturgy with His Grace, Bishop Thomas.  Then, we departed in peace. We shall meet again in Kansas City, MO, 10/2013.
Carla Thomas +

Pictures of the 2012 Ancient Christianity African American Conference

Fr. Moses
Fr. Moses
Fr. Moses
From the Mouth of Babes
From the Mouth of Babes
From the Mouth of Babes

2012 Pictures from Margaret Rainbolt

The first 14 pictures were taken at St. Moses House in the Hill, FOCUS, NA - Pittsburgh.  The remaining were taken at Antiochian Village, and then a few  at the end of Pittsburgh Downtown.

May the Lord  Jesus Christ, permit us to continue to  see  His Abundant Blessings.

In Christ,

Reflections from our host - John Norman

Christ is in our Midst!

I know I am a shy person and I often don't say much, but it was on my heart to thank everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their stay at the Antiochian Village. I really enjoyed watching the video of Matushka Michaila Thelma Altshcul (memory Eternal) and her sister talking about their childhood memories and personal experiences of life. I only spoke to her a few times, and so I never really knew her personally, and so I am thankful for getting to know much more about her through the eyes of those who knew her best.

Thank you Fr. Moses for talking to the children that we brought with us from the Hill District about it's local history in regards to the underground railroad. This was an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Thank you Dr. Carla for carrying the boat load of planning this conference, and for helping Sophia's stomach pain. You are truly a blessing! 

Thank you Sub-deacon Robert for your help and advice. Thank you Sharon for your help and advice, it was greatly appreciated and the children on the Hill will now know of the African influence on Christianity because of you! Thank you!

Thank you Mother Katherine for the long talk we had on Friday night, and thank you even more for talking to Robert about nutrition and healthy eating!  

Thank you Father Jerome for talking to Chris and his family(they bought your all Saints of Africa Icon). They are catechumens that came all the way from southern California. And thank you for talking with our people from the Hill District! I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Antiochian Village.

I would like to thank Fr. Paisius for sharing the memories of Matushka with us. Sophia and many others from the Hill District really enjoyed your videos! Thank you!

I would like to thank Sub-deacon Paul Abernathy for picking up Robert(from Columbus) from the Grey Hound bus station and for allowing him and Turbo to stay with you for the night. This conference wouldn't of been a success without you! And just know that even though we may bump heads from time to time I will always have your back in your time of need. Know that!

If I forgot to thank anyone I am deeply sorry! 
John Norman

2011 Ancient Christianity Afro-American Conference




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The Detroit Chapter says Thank you for your support!

Although the conference has passed, Ancient Faith Radio has the complete event on Podcast at:

What a blessing it is to have a ministry like Ancient Faith Radio.  They have been enriching the lives of Orthodox Christians and other listners, since they went online.


Pictures of the 2011 Ancient Christianity African American Conference

Fr. Moses Berry
Fr. Moses Berry
Fr. Moses Berry
Archpriest John Finley
Archpriest John Finley
Archpriest John Finley
Serving Clergy
Serving Clergy
Serving Clergy
Photos by:Yohannan T. Abraham

Please access the following site to watch a slide show of the pictures from the conference:

Photos by: Rev. Deacon Michael Bishop

Click the link below. - 08/26/11

(171 images)

18th Annual Ancient Christianity and Afro-American Conference, Detroit, MI

Detroyt Skyline-Day
Detroyt Skyline-Day
Detroyt Skyline-Day
Holy Transfiguration - Livonia
Holy Transfiguration - Livonia
Holy Transfiguration - Livonia
Hyatt Place - Livonia
Hyatt Place - Livonia
Hyatt Place - Livonia
Detroit Skyline-Night
Detroit Skyline-Night
Detroit Skyline-Night

2010 - President Fr. Moses Berry Awarded Gold Cross by Metropolitan JONAH

Axios! Axios! Axios!
Axios! Axios! Axios!
Axios! Axios! Axios!
Many Years Fr. Moses!
Many Years Fr. Moses!
Many Years Fr. Moses!
Pictures of the 2010 Ancient Christianity African American Conference

2010 Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black - Anniston, Alabama - 05/14/10

(84 images)

17th Annual Ancient Christianity and Afro-American Conference, Anniston, AL


"Jesus Christ, the Great Physician"

Speakers: His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah, Deacon Nathaniel Johnson of Felton, CA, Fr Moses, Fr Jerome, Fr Paisius, and Mother Katherine.
Friday, May 14 - Sunday, May 16, 2010 - Anniston, Alabama
Our thanks to all who made this conference a great success, especailly Dr. Carla, Reader Nicholas, Marina Jameson and Linda Dubois and all our speakers.
Primatal Divine Liturgy

Clergy Photos - Primatal Divine Liturgy - 05/15/10

(53 images)

Photos by:Yohannan T. Abraham

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

The Brotherhood of St Moses the Black engages in several ministries:

Due to the fact that America has the highest per capita rate of imprisonment  in the world at 2.3 million, we strive to bring Orthodoxy to the prisons.

We also recognize that a half million American adolescents are in juvenile detention centers.  By exercising our spiritual muscles, we reach out to this often forgotten segment of the population by pen pal letters. 

During the last conference, some people expressed fear of reaching out to prisoners, even though Jesus said in Matthew 25:36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and ... you took care of me. I was in prison, and you visited me.' King James Bible 

Due to the fact that high school dropout rates often reach 50% and 82 % of prisoners are high school drop outs, we are developing a spiritual locksmith program.  In this program, high school students shadow the nurse and doctor in the Abba Moses Free Medical Clinic.  In this manner, the students get short term rewards and acheive long term goals.

For short term rewards, they earn income by learning the healing arts.  For the long term spiritual goals, they learn how to incorporate prayer in to the process of healing through Jesus Christ.  They also attend Orthodox healing prayer services.

Axios! To Fr. Paisius and Reconciliation Services

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